Chainda Clinic is a government funded clinic that serves over 60,000 people. In July 2020, Christ Life Church reached out to the clinic with donations that helped the clinic staff serve the community better. The Church gave them buckets, washing and cleaning soaps, hundreds of face masks, sprayers for disinfecting the clinic, AA batteries for high blood pressure machines, washing buckets, hand sanitizers, and many other items.

The clinic building was falling apart due to lack of funding for renovations.

  • Broken windows and dilapidated roofing.
  • Lighting had been damaged due to short-circuits as a result of wiring contact with rainwater. The labor rooms especially needed lighting.
  • Lack of water supply due to broken plumbing works was urgently needed especially for washing hands in light of COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • The clinic floor was broken and had lots of potholes and cracks.
  • The septic distribution boxes were broken and exposed thereby making the clinic a susceptible place for Cholera to spread.

Christ Life made numerous repairs including the following.

  • Replaced 18 broken doors and added locks.
  • Replaced 12 broken windows.
  • Replaced the sockets and repaired the electrical wiring that needed urgent repair.
  • Installed new lighting making it possible for women to deliver babies in the light.
  • Built 8 new septic boxes.
  • Repaired toilets.
  • Provided running water so that women in labor no longer have to go outside to fetch water with a bucket.
  • Fixed the clinic’s only stove and bought new cooker sockets.
  • Cleaned the clinic surrounding area, thoroughly removing all the dirt from the rooms.
  • Painted the dirty walls with worn-out paint.
  • Constructed a wall fence around the clinic ablution block and incinerator thereby protecting kids for playing there and thieves from vandalizing the clinic.
  • Provided a clean and bright-looking environment for patients to receive healthcare.