Schedule Mulenga to Speak at Your Church

Hear Mulenga’s encouraging journey of surrendering to God.

December 2022

Rock Point Church

Mulenga Share His Story

November 2022

Mulenga Shares His Story

November 9, 2014

Cornerstone Church

Pastor Linn Winters interviews Mulenga

November, 2014

Cornerstone Church

Pastor Manny Mello interviews Mulenga

Schedule Mulenga to Speak at Your Church

Mulenga would love to speak at your church and talk about the amazing journey God has led him on.  Encourage all your guests to always be humble and obedient to God’s wishes.

“Mulenga is an influential pastor who is leading a gospel movement in Zambia. He has developed a team of leaders who meet needs in their community and are transforming lives with the gospel. Mulenga’s testimony has made our church think about what it means to give and serve.”

Dennis McMains, Missions at Rock Point Church, Arizona

Request Mulenga come to your location to tell his story.